Add a Memorized Account

On the Manage Budgets page, you'll see default budgets for each category and/or any customized budgets that you've created for specific categories. Default budgets are created automatically based on the last five months of spending across all your accounts, including any linked accounts.

Create Personalized Budgets

Click on any category to edit or create a budget. Save it by pushing the set budget button. The creation of custom budgets overrides default budgets, which use the average amount of money spent on a category over the last five months. On the Account Summary page, budgets appear only when all accounts are selected.

Delete Budgets

Click on any category to edit or delete a budget. If deleted, a default budget (based on the average amount of money spent on the category during the last five months) will be automatically established.

View Budget Status

Use this feature to monitor spending and to determine if expenses in any category and/or sub-category are under or over the determined budget.

When spending in any category is under budget, it is shown in green. Spending is represented in red when expenses exceed the category's budget. The colour yellow indicates that more than 50% of a category's budget has been used.


Advanced users may want to track their spending in greater detail by creating sub-categories within the broader parent categories. While sub-categories are rolled into parent categories to display overall spending, they can be created, viewed and modified from the Manage Budget page.

Using sub-categories

In the budget for the Travel category, for example, you may want to itemize upcoming trips through sub-categories, such as 'skiing,' 'Seattle,' 'Europe' and 'miscellaneous.' The parent category budget (i.e. Travel) should be larger than the combined sub-category budgets. If not, the percentages spent may not be what you anticipate since these are tabulated using total spending against the overall parent budget.

While these recommendations are advised, they aren't required and you will not be prompted with reminders.