This page allows you to transfer funds between your own accounts or to another member's account. Transfers can be performed immediately, at a future-date (scheduled) or on a recurring basis (such as monthly) as follows.

  • Use the drop down arrow beside Transfer From to specify the account to transfer funds from.
  • Enter the amount to transfer in the Transfer Amount box.

Memorized Accounts

  • If you have Memorized Accounts available and wish to transfer funds to one of them, use the drop-down arrow beside Memorized Accounts to select the account.

Inter-Member Transfers

  • If it is an inter-member transfer, click on the radio button beside Yes under Transfer to Another Login ID. Then, enter the appropriate member information to identify the transfer-to member.

Specifying When to Perform Transfer

  • Use the radio buttons beside Schedule Transfer to specify whether the transfer should occur immediately, in the future (scheduled transfer), or if the transfer should be recurring.
  • Click on Continue to display the next Transfer page.

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