This page allows you to specify display, history, and format options for the Account Activity page by providing the following parameters.


Click on the drop down arrow to display all available accounts. Then, click on the account you want or All Accounts to display a consolidated view of your account activity.

Start Date

Use the drop down arrows to specify the month, day, and year for the start of the account activity period. This value defaults to 15 days prior to the current date.

End Date

Use the drop down arrows to specify the month, day, and year for the end of the account activity period. These values default to the current day of the current month.

Account Activity Filter

This box allows you to specify what type of items to include in the history display. Click on the drop down arrow to select deposits only, withdrawals only, search by amount, etc.

Account Format

Use the drop down arrow to specify the format (simple or detailed) or the download format (Quicken™, Money™, Sage 50 Accounting™, etc.). The comma delimited text option will download into spreadsheet software which will allow the sorting of transactions.

Note: When you download your account activity into financial management software such as Microsoft Money or Quicken, the program may perform calculations that are inconsistent with your actual account balances. Please verify the configuration of the program or contact your software support centres for additional help.

Transaction Order

Use the drop down arrow to specify the order that items are displayed, that is, oldest to newest, or vice versa.

After completing the above criteria, click on Submit. The requested information will appear on the Account Activity page.

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