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Logging on to CWBdirect®

To login, please enter your customer information and your Personal Access Code (PAC) in the boxes provided. Then, click on the Login button.

Memorized Accounts

For your convenience, CWBdirect® can memorize your customer information, and then each time you Login you can simply select the appropriate Memorized Account from a list. Once you have entered your Memorized Account, you can access them by clicking on the drop down arrow beside Memorized Accounts. Then, click on the Memorized Account you wish to access, enter the PAC for the selected Memorized Account, and click on the Login button.

Please note that you must have JavaScript enabled in your browser for your customer information to be filled in automatically. Otherwise, your customer information will appear beside the account name in the list of Memorized Accounts for your reference.

CWBdirect® will not memorize your Personal Access Code (PAC). Your browser may include a feature that would allow it to fill in your Personal Access Code (PAC) automatically, but we recommend that you do not use this feature with CWBdirect®.

Adding a Memorized Account

To add a new Memorized Account, click on Add a Memorized Account if you do not have any Memorized Accounts, or on Manage Memorized Accounts if you already have Memorized Accounts. Then, click on Add an Account and complete the Add a Memorized Account page.